How To Make Makeup Remover and Makeup Removing Wipes at Home

How To Make Makeup Remover and Makeup Removing Wipes at Home

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Hope you all are doing good! As you all know you should take off your makeup before hitting the bed. In this Video, I am showing, How to make DIY Makeup Remover and Makeup removing Wipes or Pads at home. After a tiring day when you feel like not putting any efforts, reach out to these DIY makeup removing wipes and remove your makeup.

Let’s Make DIY Makeup Remover First:

It will save you lots of money and its completely safe to use. I use it every day to remove my eye and lip makeup. So let’s start with the procedure. For a live demo check out the link here and below I Am Preety You Tube Channel

Ingredients You’ll need

2 cup distilled water
1.5-2 tablespoons tear Free Baby Shampoo
2 teaspoon Baby Oil
2 Vitamin E Capsules


Mix thoroughly all the ingredients in a small bowl. Squeeze in the vitamin E capsules. Store in a bottle. Shake well before every use.

How to make makeup removing wipes or pads:

Pour some DIY makeup remover in a small jar, place cotton pads in the jar and press down to make the pads saturated with the remover. Repeat until the jar is full of saturated makeup pads.

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