7 ‘must have’ Summer Dresses: Best Answer To Your Everyday Question “What to Wear”

7 ‘must have’ Summer Dresses: Best Answer To Your Everyday Question “What to Wear”

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Hope you all are doing Good. In Delhi its too hot, Lord I am unable to bear this heat. Yesterday while going to meet a friend, I was actually fretting about what to wear as I didn’t want to show up again in shorts or mini skirt. So I decided to compile seven must have casual summer dresses in no particular order and even going to bookmark this post before I end up asking same question standing in front of my wardrobe.

1. Maxi Dress

Your summer wardrobe is incomplete without a few maxi dresses. Choose maxi dresses in light breathable fabrics like jersey, cotton, chiffon etc. in pastel, neutral, or bright colors, either solid, printed or striped as per your liking. They are roomy yet stylish, even serves for those bloated days. If I had to pick only one dress then maxi dresses will top my list of essential summer dresses, now you know my love for this silhouette. Pair with sandals, a statement bag, sunglasses, layered neckpieces and you are good to go. Read Incredible ways to wear maxi dress like a boss

maxi summer dresses

2. Shirt dress

This is my one all time favorite and versatile silhouette when it comes to styling and I can never get enough of shirt dresses. Choose from an array of solid, striped or printed patterns. Keep in mind length is really important as it should look like a dress instead of you wore your shirt without pants. Style it by putting a neutral belt, leave a couple of buttons open in a long maxi shirt dress as nothing is more feminine like an effortless front split dress. Wear a shirt dress as a cape over a fitted pair of denim or shorts. Pair with sandals, sneakers, accessorize with a shoulder bag and sunglasses. Read 10 Ways To Wear A Shirt Dress Like A Pro


3. Off shoulder dress

One big trend this summer is off shoulder dresses and tops. If you feel like showing off your shoulders then it’s a must have trending summer dress to amp up your style game. Invest in a flattering off shoulder dress for those date lunches. If you have toned shoulders you can wear it without a neckpiece just the danglers hang on those sculptors. Style with a sleek choker to divide the attention if you feel you have not so toned shoulders. Accessorize with a shoulder bag and sandals for daytime or a casual clutch bag and peep toes for evenings.

white off shoulder summer dress

4. The White dress

Wearing white is so soothing and comforting in summers. You have to have ample of white summer dresses in different lengths like mini, midi and maxi. Style white dresses in classic monochrome way, colorful bright accents or some metallic accents if you are in a fun mood. If you are still in doubt then carry a neutral (tan or beige) bag, sandals or oxford for a chick and oh so street stylish look.

white summer dress

5. Slip dress

No summers wardrobe is complete without a slip dress. If you wish to make it more wearable then wear a bralette underneath or wear over a round neck body hugging t.shirt. I recommend midi length slip dresses to be worn as summer dresses instead of long dressy slip dress.

slip dress in summers

6. Thin strap dresses

Thin strap dresses in cotton or chiffons are bliss in hot and humid summer days. No beach holiday wardrobe is complete without these. Buy solid colors, small floral prints or big beachy prints for a beach holiday. Style with a bandana to keep your hair in place, T-strap sandals, and a shoulder or tote bag.

thin strap summer dress

7. Floral sundresses

Floral printed sun dresses in any length are always fun to wear for girls out, to run errands or for just another effortless casual look. Style with sandals, slip-on, high pony, tote bag, and chic sunglasses.

bright floral printed summer dress

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I hope this post helps you to select exactly what you want to wear next time without thinking much. If you like this post and want to stay updated about wearable style and trends, please subscribe to my blog. Stay happy and blessed.

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