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We all love, live and breathe fashion and are die-hard fashion enthusiast throughout our life !! We are, yes indeed we are !!

I am also no exception !! I am a fashion designer from India and meet new people every day, dress them up, style them and give fashion tips to the girls I meet. Then I realized how people are so confused to style the basics they wear, to coordinate separates, to choose proper accessory and go to styling. So here I come with fresh ideas on how to style your basic ready to wear, formal wear, party wear, how to merge latest & hot trends to your daily wardrobe, fashion events, and everything else about Indian fashion….!!

Being a designer I keep a close watch on fashion trends and keep muttering about what’s colors, silhouettes or trends are hot these days. I thought when its the part of my everyday life, why don’t I start documenting it and share my knowledge, views, ideas and fashion analysis with others. What I am not going to do is – I will not just stick to only luxury or designer labels. I aim to make every look equally affordable so that everyone can try their hands on.

My personal style is little bohemian. I like not so fitted and flowy clothes. Prefer skirts over denim. Hitched to floral prints. Good to go with my lounge pants. Bright lipsticks are my weakness. I love vintage, handmade pieces to the core. I believe in affordable fashion and I design clothes which are affordable too, not with so pricey pricey price tags which causes big big holes in the pockets. You guys can take a look at my clothing label HERE

Although I am running a full-time workshop, design and produce three collections per year under my private label therefore tad busy, still I aim to write one post every week because I also have too many thoughts and stories to share.

As an artist and designer, I prefer to communicate more with imagery and lesser words so please connect with me on Instagram and Facebook for daily picture feed.

So watch out the space and keep on reading !! I am sure you will find something to suit your interest !!

Midi skirt fashion

Preeti Tomar


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