Facemask for oily & Pimples prone skin | Brightening & glowing facemask for oily skin

Facemask for oily & Pimples prone skin | Brightening & glowing facemask for oily skin

Hello Everyone,
Today I am sharing an easy DIY recipe of Facemask for oily & Pimples prone skin. Its a very effective Brightening & glowing facemask for oily skin.This face mask is great for you if you have normal to oily, combination skin. It will reduce acne, pimples and black heads by
absorbing excess oil and removing dead cells and sebum. It will rejuvenate oily and acne prone skin.

Things you will need to make this mask :-

1 small ripe tomato, 1 tbs. oatmeal and 1tsp. yoghurt/ curd/ dahi in a blender.

Blend all the three ingredients in a blender.

Tomato is a great oil absorbent, it will absorb the excess oil. even out skin tone, revives glow. Tomato contains vitamin C, which is a good
skin-brightening agent, it works as an astringent, reduces oil thus appearances of acne, pimples, and blackheads.
Oatmeal helps to lock in the moisture and is a good natural exfoliator.
Yoghurt or curd has lactic acid, it helps dissolve dead skin cells and tighten the skin pores. Yoghurt is a good skin-lightening agent and
has amazing bleaching properties; therefore it will remove tan & pigmentation with regular use of this facemask.


Now apply facemask to your face with a face pack brush or fingers.
Let it dry for 15-20 minutes.
Scrub off the mask in gentle, round scrubbing motion, it will slough away dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin.
Now rinse your face with water.
Pat dry with a soft towel and apply your regular moisturizer.
You can use this mask once a week

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