Fall Hair Makeover and Life updates

Fall Hair Makeover and Life updates

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all are doing well. I have been really busy all this while. My workshop! I tell you it’s not that easy as it sounds. Being a women’s wear designer you always have to be on your toes. Its festivals around the corner so relaxing time is far-fetched as of now. At times I actually crib about “me time”. You know that phase when you want to keep up to yourself but you can’t help it as you have to meet the timelines. They call it “Professionalism” though.
I am loving this weather since mercury is dropping and can feel a nip in the air. Was fed up with the summers and high level of humidity! I prefer to click my outfits outdoor but during hot and humid weather I almost went on to the aestivation mode….oops bad joke but this is how it is….when weather leaves you with no choice except to procrastinate. I was practically living in shorts & flip-flops. It’s getting better now and I am slowly getting over those lazy dressing days.
Anyhow, I am loving wearing whites like never before. I don’t know how my winter’s wardrobe gonna be like. Perhaps my love for whites gonna show up in winters too. Wore this Tee and midi skirt the other day. I got hair makeover recently. If you have been reading my blog lately you would know I had black hair. I usually get remarkable hair makeover every year and usually before winters, for no specific reasons just a ritual I am following for fun. This is my fourth-day hair with little oil and color looks darker in the picture. Unkempt hair makes more desirable hairstyle for those lazy days. Finished the look with loafers, a tassel bag, chunky neck-piece and a dress watch. For me, footwear has to be utterly comfortable. So yes, I do commit a crime of wearing same old shoes again and again. Take a look at pictures below.

midi skirt with knotted t.shirt

midi skirt with knotted white tshirt

floral printed midi skirt

midi skirt with white t.shirt
Did I mention I have lost around 5 Kgs since June? You may wonder do I even need to shed some weight. Actually Yes, I was a little overweight than my ideal weight. This month I am terribly busy, hopefully, I can resume writing regularly from November once I am done with all the client’s orders and timelines.
T. is From UCB Men’s Section, Midi skirt Dorothy Perkins, Shoes Carlton London.
I wanted to keep this post short, will be up with my next post soon with more life updates and my weight loss story.

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