Hello 2017 : Blog Announcement

Hello 2017 : Blog Announcement

Hello Everyone,

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017. May this year be super awesome and fun for you. If you have made any resolutions list, hope you get through at least halfway of it. I am always unable to stick to my new year resolutions even for fifteen days, so this year I haven’t made any plans 😀

happy new year 2017

How 2016 had been to you? Mine was okay, not that great not even bad either. I have evolved as a person, became more calm and composed than ever. Overall it was a very fast paced year for me with little disappointments and handful of not so overwhelming changes. Still, I am not cribbing about it a lot, bygones are bygones.

I am very excited for 2017 and looking forward to it. Fingers crossed, my only wish is may I can write blog frequently, put social media to some use and can effectively manage my time. I am soon planning to open blog for other writers too. If you are interested in writing for Fashion, Style, Beauty, Makeup and outfits you can email me at prititomar@gmail.com.

I will be back with my next post super soon. Till then stay happy, look gorgeous, make lots of 2017 and stay connected.

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