Slay In Backward Shirt Trend Like You Actually Mean It

Slay In Backward Shirt Trend Like You Actually Mean It

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Today I am up with another trend post about backward shirt trend. Off lately on Pinterest, I have been seeing lots of pins about this new fad or might be a trend. I was wondering if its actually feasible to wear a shirt backward. I thought to give it a try, although I tried to wear it in a more wearable fashion. I was a bit skeptical if I can actually pull it off and walk through streets. I mean people will stare you for sure, but who cares as long as you are confident in your skin. Pull it off  like you actually mean it instead of a fashion faux pas.

To wear a shirt backward comfortably, pick a loose shirt preferably a button down so it doesn’t hurt your neck. If conventional is boring then this trend is definitely for you. Initially, I thought it won’t be comfortable to wear a shirt backward, but girls I was wrong until I tried. You can pair the backward shirt with shorts, midi skirts, denim or even over a backless maxi dress. I wore with denim as I was bit doubtful initially, probably next time I may try it with a skirt.

I thoroughly enjoyed wearing the backward shirt than the conventional way. Nowadays I am smitten by peekaboo back phase, therefore wearing backward shirt gave me that peekaboo back look in a very subtle way. I picked up hubby’s beach floral printed cotton shirt, this one’s my favorite due to its print and extremely soft fabric. I tried to style it in two easy to pull of ways.

First Look:  I wore the shirt backward, rolled up the sleeves, and buttoned the top and second last button as it was a windy day outside. You can wear it with just two or three top buttons closed and leave rest of the buttons open to give it a split back look. Kept styling very laid back with just kitten heels, red lips and a hand carry pouch. Take a look at the pictures below.

backward shirt with jeans

backward shirt trend

backward shirt style

backward shirt trend

Second Look: I kept top button secured and then tied the ends in a knot. I find this look more chick as it structures the whole look, reveals a bit of the skin, shirt fits me well too by tying it in a knot and lastly I love knots. You can also leave the top button open and secure the ends in a knot if you feel like flaunting that sexy back.

backward shirt trend

backward shirt trend with back knot

I loved wearing the backward shirt a lot and next time I am going to wear this look with a solid shirt as this time I was a bit skeptical and wanted to keep it subtle by a big confusing print. I hope you guys liked this post. Let me know in the comments below if you are thinking of trying this new trend or had already tried and how did you style it and may be your experience from friends or on streets. If you like my post please subscribe to my blog for future updates and stay connected on social media.

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