OOTD: Slaying In Oversized Sweater Paired With Tights

OOTD: Slaying In Oversized Sweater Paired With Tights

Heya everyone,

Chilling in winters? Yeah….same here. What is your favorite piece of clothing in winters? mine is definitely a chunky knit.
lately, I have lost so much of weight that my old clothes look 2XL or 3XL on me. I am trying hard to put on some winter weight. My life’s plight, I rarely get to enjoy my ideal weight phase. In June last year I was struggling to shed around five kilograms but eventually lost ten kilos. No, I didn’t do any crash diet or anything crazy. I was only going to the gym and sipping green tea two to three cups a day. Though reason of weight loss is not the gym or green tea as I was gymming since past two and half years and it didn’t move even an inch. From July I got too busy with my work as I had opened a small boutique so lost track of my meal times due to added responsibilities and lifestyle changes. I am not appreciating my extra lean body, though. Now I am again longing for my earlier plump body and want few kilos back. Anyhoo enough of my weight loss rant, let’s move on to the outfit….
The other day I wore this bright red oversized sweater paired with tights. Was in a mood to flaunt dark lips, therefore, I went ahead with a wine lipstick. I feel dark lip color doesn’t suit me much and make me look older. Still, I wish to put on some dark vampy lip colors this winter. To complete the look I wore espadrilles and a choker. I kept my tote bag aside due to its weight.

sweater with tights

chunky knit with tights in winter

sweater paired with tights
Let me know how you are slaying in winters. If you are an Indian National and wish to write on this blog shoot me an email at prititomar@gmail.com. Until next time stay connected at Instagram

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