“Stress doesn’t really go with my outfit”

“Stress doesn’t really go with my outfit”

Hi Everyone,

How are you guys doing, been a long while since my last post. I have been missing writing like anything. This post is just about my long conscious absence. I have had some health glitches plus some major work commitments. My Label has turned 3.5 year, you know it’s not that easy to sustain with unprecedented challenges of a start-up, you just trust your instincts and move forward. I being bit lucky as most of my decisions and intuitions yielded results the way I had anticipated.  But all this while I had ignored myself a lot, like a lot….I hardly take a day off, irregular eating and sleeping habits and lots of stress due to work related petty or not so petty issues. Yes bang on “Stress”, we think such a small word and even a kid suffers from it due to studies pressure or otherwise. But mind you its not that small in long run, I never knew that I am taking so much of stress and its getting building up to accelerated hypertension. According to my doctor I am too young for this and sole cause of it is just stress.

Now I am leisurely working, making conscious efforts to stay stress free (it’s the hardest part actually with so much of action happening everyday at my workshop, orders and on time deliveries),  taking my medicines on time , staying calm and not to over think about the issues I can hardly control.

For past three months I was busy restructuring my business simultaneously and making my Label available at all the major Indian Portals and producing inventories. Good news is got my trade mark registered.

Although it was meant to be a lifestyle post but realized I didn’t even categorize it yet hence posting this outfit along.

Wearing a self designed dhoti skirt (wrap skirt) with an old UCB tank top. Kitten heels from Miss Sixty, bag from some boutique in SA, MAC Ruby woo lipstick and random sterling silver rings.

Wrap skirt UCB tank top Dhoti skirt MAC ruby woo lipstick

Hope you liked this post and learn from my mistakes. I will be up with my next post soon, until then stay stylish.

Much Love <3

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